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Morning Star Rose Incense Sticks
A warm and sweet fragrance of rose that is soothing to the soul.Best selling incense for daily use. Morning star incense was created in the 1960s in Japan. Morning star incense has been loved for over 50 years by not only Japanese but people all over the world. The powerful fragrances in this c..
35.00 RON
Ex Tax:35.00 RON
Meikoh Shibayama incense roll is a signature incense product produced by Nippon Kodo.This floral and woody fragrance is set to be inspired by a spring field covered in colourful blooming flowers. The scent is achieved by using a mix of floral ingredients and sandalwood. The Meikoh Shibayama inc..
32.00 RON
Ex Tax:32.00 RON
Eiju Kyara Aloeswood incense roll is a Japanese incense produced by Nippon Kodo.The incense contains the popular and highly sought after fragrance of kyara, or highest quality agarwood, which is said to have a mystical aroma. The sticks are made without a bamboo core.The incense sticks come in a rol..
36.00 RON
Ex Tax:36.00 RON
Fresh Matcha is part of the Scentsual range of incense produced by Japanese manufacturer Nippon Kodo. The freshly brewed aroma of a pot of Green Tea is successfully captured in these incense sticks.The fragrance is subtle and delicate, yet picks up on both the sweet and bitter notes typically found ..
29.00 RON
Ex Tax:29.00 RON
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