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Incense holders & burners

Ceramic burner for scented oil or wax, with a simple design but which looks beautiful when a candle is lit inside. The space where you can put scented oil or wax is deep, perfect to perfume the whole room.Dimensions: 7 x 8cmWeight: 153g..
56.00 RON
Ex Tax:56.00 RON
Rainbow Abalone, or Haliotis Iris, has beautiful colours, predominantly blue and green and this variant of mother of pearl is called paua by the Maori, the original population of New Zealand.Size:  12,5 - 15,5 cmCan vary in size and color..
78.00 RON
Ex Tax:78.00 RON
Natural shell for smudgingSize: 12-16 cmCan vary in size and colorOrigin: Vietnam..
48.00 RON
Ex Tax:48.00 RON
Natural shell for smudgingSize:  10-11,5 cmCan vary in size and colorOrigin: Vietnam..
34.00 RON
Ex Tax:34.00 RON
Natural shell for smudgingSize: 7-10 cmCan vary in size and color..
28.00 RON
Ex Tax:28.00 RON
Wooden Incense Sticks Holder.Size: 25 x 3,5 cm..
18.00 RON
Ex Tax:18.00 RON
A cone burner with a fantastic captivating reflux, is part of the Witchcraft collection.When the cone is lit, the smoke flows down in a fascinating cascading effect to gather around the dragon inside the egg. Nice to look at. The color-changing light adds to the mysterious atmospheric design.For bes..
192.00 RON
Ex Tax:192.00 RON
Large Dragon Bowl Blackflow Incense Burner is a part of the Witchcraft collection. This captivating incense burner has a large, pearly dragon standing above a fantastic castle. Place a incense cone with reflux over the dragon's head and watch the whirlwinds of smoke dripping from the open mo..
326.00 RON
Ex Tax:326.00 RON
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